I receive a significant amount of mail reacting to my photography or radio programs distributed on the French territory. I am grateful for it! It is therefore difficult for me to answer everyone, especially during my constant travels. I suggest you consult this list of FAQs that should answer most of your questions. If it does not, you are still welcome to contact me. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

When did you start photography?

I started photography in 2000 during my naturalist studies. Macro photography from my environment’s plants revealed my attraction to pictures. My sight was at first focused on vegetal species and our natural environment before switching to human beings and the several countries I would discover next.

Have you been in a photography or journalism school?

I have not, I have been taught by the university of life. I stopped my school education after obtaining a “Nature Gestion and Preservation” BTS in 2002. I then followed a few specific courses in journalism, photography and post-production. I keep on educating myself through encounters and opportunities coming my way.

What travelling means to you?

As much as possible, I choose transports in order to limit my ecological footprint. Travelling is for me the Nomad’s way of life, which means adapting to different natural and social environments. I prefer travelling alone to promote encounters with others. I often work for NGOs on the way to immerge myself in the cultural context surrounding me.

What is your purpose in travel pictures? 

We are a big community of travelling photographers and I try to promote encounters and spontaneity in my pictures. I take time to enjoy meetings and create a real bond with the subjects. Travelling on my own helps me to reach that goal. I like to travel light to feel free to move and use only a little photography gear.

Which radios stations broadcast your programs? 

I currently work with over 40 radios stations in France and overseas departments and territories. They are distributing the interviews and reports produced in France and abroad. The number of stations is increasing, the complete list evolves constantly so to get it please contact me.

I am in school and looking for a trainership. Is that possible with you?

I am sorry but I cannot really host you and, being constantly on the road, I cannot commit to training someone.

What equipment do you use? 

For photography I use a digital box and Nikon lenses. I change regularly according to the markets new releases. For interview recording I do it either in a studio or with a 200M H4n with a microphone. It depends on the team I work with for videos I co-produce.