One day a kid told me, “I prefer radio more than television because the pictures are much more beautiful”.


In the wish to share experiences and transmit knowledge I educated myself in journalism for independent radio stations. Since 2006 I have produced programs with guests carrying ideas and values respectful of humans and the environment.

On my behalf, over 200 programs have been broadcast over 40 French Radio FM and web radio stations such as  Ecoterre Tv and Fréquence Terre.


Photographic reports abroad also led to radio programs about travel and solidarity. Photography is a way to keep eternal what happens only once and radio is a way to transmit this further than pictures can.

My most famous programs are  « Carbone Zéro » et « Regard’Ailleurs ». Here are extracts from each (for more free broadcast click on the links):

To find radio stations broadcasting one or both of those programs click here: Radio


 « Carbone Zéro»  program

Help us to better understand environmental matters. Thirty minutes’ long, Carbone Zéro is made to inspire and discover men and women offering solutions towards a way out of the ecological crisis. To listen to all the broadcasts discover website.


 « Regard’Ailleurs» program 

… is taking us on a journey. It talks about multiculturalism, solidarity and puts a spotlight on different traveller’s lives and itineraries, as authors, photographers, filmmakers or expatriates. This program leads us to question ourselves about our existence, values and beliefs. To listen to all the broadcasts discover Regard’Ailleurs website.