Biography of Alexandre Sattler

“Imagery and sound, vectors of emotions”

Travel and cultural immersion are the main subjects of Alexandre Sattler’s work, through photography and radio documentary. Born in 1980, Alexandre grew up in the mountains. His playgrounds were the forests and neighbours’ farms. He developed his care for all living beings at a young age. His love for nature led him to naturalist studies. His adventurous soul brought him to Africa at the age of 20. He returned to France to finish his naturalist and mountain guide diplomas and hit the road again as soon as possible. Alexandre decided, in 2002, to travel Australia for 6 months in order to meet and experience Aboriginal culture. He then obtained financial support from the French Ministry of Sport, Youth and Education to set up a slideshow conference on native Australian flora and fauna species.

From there he embarked on one trip after another with many missions abroad. During the past ten years, Alexandre has spent over half of his lifetime on the road discovering our planet and its populations (Japan, Australia, Burma, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Togo, Ghana, Russia, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Morocco …).

During his several peregrinations, Alexandre always remained focused on sharing his life experiences, largely through photography. He soon started realising video documentary and creating radio broadcasts. In 2006 he gave birth to the “Regard’Ailleurs” association (literally meaning “look abroad” and “views from elsewhere” at the same time), sticking with his will to share diversity that may either tear humans apart or unite us.

While he was in France he worked for an independent radio station, further training himself in journalism. He then found himself producing radio programs, interviews and reports broadcast by over 40 French radio stations, Carbone Zéro and Regard’Ailleurs being the most famous.

Elaborating on photography or radio projects, Alexandre’s studio is the space where he evolves, armed with curious observations and open ears to gatherings and diversity.


2004 : Conférence on Australia and Aboriginal culture

2006 : Exhibition about Japan and ZEN culture/exhibition on a Tibetan refugee camp for “Club Tibet”

2007 : Exhibition at GAIA’s garden « Zen and spirituality »

2008 : Exhibition at Cultural Centre and French Alliance Vientian/Laos

2010 : Exhibition at “FIAP Jean Monnet” and itinerant exhibition on Alsace region’s bus

2011 : Exhibition and conference in Paris on volunteering and international solidarity

2012 : Itinerant exhibition on cultural diversity transmitted by “Regard’Ailleurs” association

2013 :  Exhibition at Colmar’s tourism show

2015 : Exhibition at GAIA’s garden

2014 and 2016 : Nominated as one of the three finalists for the “Photograph of the Year”

2017 : Exhibition at “Présence photographie

2017 : Exhibition at ville de Dax

2019 : Exhibition at ABM à Paris

2019 : Exhibition at SITV

2019 : Exhibition around the Lake of Annecy (France)

2019 : Exhibition at festival de l’image

Since 2006, Alexandre has been a radio host for independent French radio stations (see radio)


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Category A radio stations, Fréquence Terre, local radio RDL, Regard’Ailleurs Association, Colibris Association, Solhimal Association, Elevages Sans Frontières Association (“Breeders without Borders association”), Prim’Enfance Association (“Early Childhood Association”), Club Tibet Association, APPONA Association, ACAT, les Enfants du Mékong (Mekong’s kids),  Partenaires Association


Eco-novia Agency, la Trace, Be.ez Company, Préambule Agency, les Jardins de Gaïa (Gaîa’s garden), CEEJA


Colmar City Hall, Haut-Rhin General Council, Alsace Région, CRES,  CSC (Cultural Social Center Europe), FSE (European Support Background)…


Over 200 radio programs released on environmental themes, ecology, solidarity and travel; nowadays broadcast on over 40 French radio stations, the radio programs’ production is still consistent.


In partnership with KBS national Korean channel, Alexandre co-produced short films on French and European traditional knowledge and cultural aspects.

Other longer documentaries have been realised and displayed during conferences and festivals.


Alexandre is currently working on co-producing a book series promoting the world’s beauty, for the benefit of charity.


Is presently a photographer, author and radio documentary producer.

Taxable through author regulation by AGESSA.

Member of SCAM for radio production and SAIF for pictures distribution.

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